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Dear Members and Friends of the Virginia Synod,

The Virginia Synod is known for its youth and faith formation ministry. We do this year round through our youth events, our Ambassadors Community for Theological Study (ACTS) program, and July’s Power in the Spirit annual gathering. Because of our youth and other faith formation events, generations of leaders in our Synod and across the Church have been brought up to know and love God in Jesus Christ. We are a synod declaring faith from generation to generation.

ForwardingFaith is being launched to provide permanent funding for these important ministries. As the landscape of being Church in America continues to change, we want to make certain that the work of providing youth ministry and faith formation to our members continues with excellence into the long-term future.

In essence, we are seeking $2 million in gifts to create an endowment for youth ministry and faith formation in the Virginia Synod. As we do this, we proclaim that youth will always be a vital part of this Church, as will the development of faith for all of our people.

We are also seeking $500,000 to support youth ministry across the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

As a synod that treasures its youth ministry, we desire to be generous supporters for the $4 million youth ministry portion through the Always Being Made New campaign. We are grateful for the National Youth Gatherings, the network for youth workers and Synodical Lutheran Youth Organizations, and recognize the need for ongoing resources for youth ministry. Our $500,000 will provide a strong gift for the ELCA’s ministry to youth.

My wife Lynda and I believe so much in the ForwardingFaith Campaign that we wanted our gift of $25,000 to be the first received to this appeal. Our gift was declared at the 2015 Synod Assembly, and we want you to join us. Here’s why:

  • Our lives have been richly blessed because of these events in the Virginia Synod.
  • We don’t want future church leaders to face financial decisions that would be detrimental to faith formation in Virginia.
  • We want to steward our resources in a significant way that has lasting impact.
  • We are honoring our parents who declared their faith in Jesus to us.

How about you? Would you like to declare your faith to the next generation with a mighty act of generosity?

Thank you for taking the time to become better informed about this effort. I hope that you will join me in making this project a resounding success ‘for those yet to come.’

In Christ,
Rev. James F. Mauney, Bishop of the Virginia Synod

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