Campaign Steering Team

General Chair: Ms. Stephanie Hamlett

Lead Gifts Chair: Rev. J. Christopher Price

Rostered Leaders Gifts Chair: Rev. Brett Davis, Rev. Cheryl Griffin, Rev. David Skole

Synod Council & Former Synod Council Gifts Chair: Mr. Barry Proctor

Synod Staff Gifts Chair: Rev. Dave Delaney

Congregational Campaign Co-chairs: Rev. Rick Goeres, Rev. John Wertz

Campaign Director: Rev. Dwayne Westermann

Campaign Coordinator: Mrs. Lenae Osmondson

Communications Director: Ms. Emily Pilat

Campaign Bookkeeper: Ms. Rebecca Walls

Congregational Campaign Co-chairs

The Rev. Rick Goeres

The Rev. John Wertz

Campaign Conference Chairs

Tidewater: The Rev. Stephen Bohannon

Peninsula: The Rev. Jim Larsen

Richmond: The Rev. Joseph Bolick

Germanna: The Rev. Paul Toelke

Page: The Rev. Alex Zuber

Northern Valley: The Rev. Jonathan Boynton

Central Valley: The Rev. Karen Van Stee

Southern Valley: The Rev. Paul Pingel

Southern: The Rev. James Armentrout

New River: The Rev. John Wertz

Highlands: The Rev. Jonathan Hamman

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