Congregational Appeal

Steps for your Congregation’s Participation

  1. Receive a congregation council presentation from a Campaign Council Visitor. The presentation will include a viewing of the four-minute campaign video and presentation of the campaign prospectus: 20-25 minutes total, including time for questions.
  2. Select one member of your congregation to serve as your Congregation leader
  3. Arrange for your Congregation Leader to attend a Congregation Leader Training Event in your area. Several training events will take place around Virginia, and Leaders can take the training in person or via online viewing. Congregation Leaders will be given a full manual and complete training, and receive printed and audio-visual materials in quantities sufficient for your congregation’s membership. For more information on when congregational training events are being held around the Virginia Synod, and how to RSVP, click here.
  4. Your congregation sets a three-year goal for your campaign effort. (This step can be completed immediately following or during the Council visit- see Step 1)
  5. Your congregation conducts a five to six-week campaign culminating in the seeking of three-year pledges from families of the congregation. Other options for your congregation’s participation will be provided at the Leader Training as well.
  6. Once gifts/pledges have been received at the end of the five to six-week Campaign, they will be sent directly to the Virginia Synod Office of the Bishop. The congregation’s responsibility and the congregation leader’s responsibilities are then concluded. The Synod office will send pledge reminders and gift receipts to all donors. Congregations, at their request, may receive a year-end total of members’ gifts to use in completing the Annual Congregational Report to the Synod.

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