Shiloh Lutheran Church in Blacksburg, led by Bishop Emeritus Richard Bansemer, is one congregation that’s enthusiastically shown their support for the ForwardingFaith Campaign. Recently, members of Shiloh Lutheran made a significant contribution of $6,000 to the ForwardingFaith campaign. This contribution from Shiloh Lutheran is just one way for them to give back to the faith formation programs that have been a source of enrichment and fulfillment for members and their children. This gift also serves as a tribute to the leadership Bishop Bansemer has had with faith formation programs over the years.

Bishop Bansemer has been serving at Shiloh Lutheran for nearly eight years and has gotten to know their community and heart that has been shaped by faith formation events in the Virginia Synod. “We’re a very small community in the middle of the country, averaging around twenty to thirty folks a Sunday. So, we’re  small, but trying hard to be faithful.” Bishop Bansemer said.

Youth events like Winter Celebration and Lost and Found are some of the most significant faith formation ministries that Shiloh Lutheran Church has been involved in. Several families and their children have been active participants through the years at numerous youth ministry events. Parents at Shiloh have witnessed the difference these events have made in their children’s’ faith life and wanted to honor that through the campaign. “They are loyal supporters and want to do everything they can for this campaign,” Bishop Bansemer said. This involvement has also played a part in keeping Shiloh connected to the Virginia Synod, and congregations across the state.


Shiloh Lutheran also felt encouraged and challenged to participate in the campaign after learning about Faith Lutheran Church in Whitetop’s contribution in 2017. Faith Lutheran contributed $6,000 last year to the ForwardingFaith campaign. Their gift was divided between a $1,000 contribution from Faith’s youth fund and a $5,000 contribution from members of the congregation. After hearing about Faith Lutheran and their generous gift, members at Shiloh Lutheran were inspired to see if they were also capable of contributing to the ForwardingFaith campaign. After some time and discussion, Shiloh Lutheran made it happen, contributing their own $6,000 gift!
The Virginia Synod celebrates the generous commitment members at Shiloh Lutheran have made to the ForwardingFaith campaign, as well as Bishop Bansemer’s leadership in shaping faith formation ministries in Virginia.