soap-arrowRebecca Williams, a rising 7th grader from Ascension Lutheran in Danville, decided to create an incredibly creative fundraising of her own to support the Virginia Synod’s  ForwardingFaith Campaign.  To date she has had over $115 dollars donated to the campaign with people enjoying soap of all shapes, including the form of the arrow conspicuously shown in the ForwardingFaith campaign!

This fundraising effort for ForwardingFaith has taken a great amount of time and dedication from Rebecca as she spent six weeks saving her personal allowance in order buy the materials needed to create the soap. Creating the soap is no simple task either, as it takes around two hours to produce 8 bars of soap. What hasn’t taken much time is selling the bars of soap.

Some soap takes the shape of flowers with a lavender smell; some have a bar with the smell of tea tree that repels ticks, but not contributors to the campaign! “My favorite smell is the apple soap, but the smell is pretty strong. I like the flower bars cause I can make 24 of them at the same time!” says Rebecca.

Rebecca learned how to make soap from her cousin in Charlotte, and since then has spent the last two years doing similar fundraising work with soap. She has helped raise funds in the Danville community for its Third Chance Ministry a mission of Grace and Main Fellowship that identifies, develops, sends, and supports missionaries to urban areas with great need in Southside Virginia. She has also fundraised for the Humane Society, the Community Garden, and the drive to help purchase the Ascension House for missionary work in the area. She is now in the process of ForwardingFaithperfecting a formula for lip balm with hopes to branch out her charitable fundraising.

When asked about the ForwardingFaith Campaign, Rebecca said, “I know this campaign won’t just affect me, but all of us, if these events were to have to end.” The ForwardingFaith campaign is an investment in youth like Rebecca who have benefited from youth ministry and faith formation programs held by the church.

In Ascension Lutheran in Danville, the members have been challenged to match the $115 she has raised thus far. Rebecca says, “If a 12 year old can raise $115 in soap, I wonder how much an adult could raise!” A video presentation featuring both Rebecca and Bishop Jim Mauney was shown at the 2016 Synod Assembly in which Rebecca extended her challenge to include the entire synod as well.

Rebecca is the daughter of Carl and Meredith Williams from Ascension, Danville. Meredith serves as the Pastor of Ascension Lutheran Church.


Forwarding Faith with Soap from Virginia Synod, ELCA on Vimeo.

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