ForwardingFaith at St. Stephen Lutheran Church in Williamsburg

The Virginia Synod’s ForwardingFaith Campaign, which seeks to provide an endowment of $2.5 million to ensure the continuation of faith formation programming in our Synod, is nearing its goal with $2,441,761 total raised to date. This recent push towards our finish line is thanks to several congregations that have recently concluded successful congregational ...

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ForwardingFaith Congregational Training Across Virginia

On Saturday, January 27th the Virginia Synod held three rounds of ForwardingFaith Congregational Trainings across the state- in Blacksburg, Charlottesville, and Woodstock! These 2-hour training sessions taught attendees how to participate in the ForwardingFaith Campaign as well as how to refresh their stewardship skills for appeals to hold within their congr ...

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ForwardingFaith: Congregational Leader Training

We are almost two weeks into the new year, but there’s still time to pick up a new resolution for 2018. Resolve to get involved in supporting the Virginia Synod through the ForwardingFaith Campaign! The Virginia Synod’s ForwardingFaith Campaign, which is seeking to provide an endowment of $2.5 million to ensure the continuation of faith formation progr ...

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Giving the Gift of Faith

A message from Bishop Bob Humphrey on the ForwardingFaith Campaign Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, We have all known of and celebrated the deep commitment of key leaders in our synod in the past to the ForwardingFaith Campaign. Today I want to add my own clear commitment to this exciting and critical opportunity to expand and secure two trademark minist ...

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ForwardingFaith Campaign nearing goal of $2.5 million

The Virginia Synod’s ForwardingFaith Campaign, which seeks to provide an endowment of $2.5 million to ensure the continuation of faith formation programming in our Synod, is nearing its goal with $2.1 million in pledges in hand. Our Synod is known across the ELCA for its exceptional synod-wide events for youth including Winter Celebration, Lost & F ...

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Come Join Us in the ForwardingFaith Campaign!

I get excited…when I see the different approaches some of our Virginia Synod congregations are using to support and share our ForwardingFaith Campaign!   Grace Church in Winchester conducted an all-out campaign in celebration of its youth and members who had participated in ACTS and Power in the Spirit through the years. Members’ generosity has led to gifts ...

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ForwardingFaith at Faith, Whitetop

The Virginia Synod is Forwarding Faith! Faith Lutheran Church in Whitetop part of the Mount Rogers Parish, led by Pastor Harvey Atkinson is one congregation that’s shown their support for the ForwardingFaith Campaign. Recently, members of Faith Lutheran Church made a significant contribution of $6,000 to the ForwardingFaith campaign. The contribution is divi ...

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“Ever since my youth, O Lord you have utterly learned me, and up to right now I am conspicuous in telling others about your wonderful deeds. Even when I become old and downright hoary do not forsake me, till I am conspicuous about the power of your sowing arm, your mighty power to everyone who is to come!” Psalm 71:17 ForwardingFaith Campaign Gui ...

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“$30 for 30: A Birthday Celebration

On September 4th Pastor Leslie of Grace Lutheran in Chesapeake, will celebrate her 30th birthday. This year she’s forgoing birthday cake, presents, songs, or any other fancy celebrations and has instead invited her congregation, family, and friends to donate what they can, preferably in increments of thirty ($30, $0.30, or maybe $30,000) to celebrate t ...

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ForwardingFaith with Soap

Rebecca Williams, a rising 7th grader from Ascension Lutheran in Danville, decided to create an incredibly creative fundraising of her own to support the Virginia Synod’s  ForwardingFaith Campaign.  To date she has had over $115 dollars donated to the campaign with people enjoying soap of all shapes, including the form of the arrow conspicuously shown ...

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