Options for Congregation Gifts Solicitation

Complete training and resource materials for each option will be provided at Congregation Leaders’ Training Sessions.

  • Every member visit
  • Phoneathon
  • Single event ingathering of pledges (dinner, at worship service, etc.)
  • Cottage meetings
  • Special gifts solicitation from selected members
  • Special Offering
  • Congregation budget or endowment gifting

Combining ForwardingFaith with your Stewardship Emphasis or other Special Campaign

It is a proven fact that “giving begets giving.” An excellent way in which to support the campaign effort, and to encourage greater vision and generosity for your congregation’s budget or other projects, is to combine the ForwardingFaith Campaign with your regular stewardship efforts or building campaign.

Use one of the many options and the excellent training and materials that will be provided to plan and conduct your campaign, and include it as an option for members to support as a separate commitment. You can also simply dedicate a portion (percentage or amount) of the result to ForwardingFaith.

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