The suggested timeline for conducting the Campaign in your congregation is any five to six week period between September 2017 and May 2018 that best suits your congregation. This schedule is suggested after your congregation has appointed a Congregation leader and that Leader has attended a full training session and received print and audio-visual materials and manuals to conduct the campaign.

The schedule and process should not be shortened. It takes time to communicate, to inform, and to motivate. Plan to use the full five to six-week schedule no matter when you conduct the campaign in your congregation. Resources and samples printed in bold will be provided to your congregation by campaign staff from the Office of the Bishop.

First week

Sunday– Announce the Campaign.
Begin using bulletin and newsletter paragraph.
Place hymnal wraps on hymnbooks.
Begin showing the video at every opportunity.

Monday– First campaign letter sent to each family in the congregation

Second Week

Sunday– First Temple Talk at worship service(s).
Use Bulletin Insert #1.

Third Week

Sunday– Second Temple Talk. Bulletin Insert #2

Fourth Week

Sunday– Third Temple Talk.
Bulletin Insert #3.

Monday– Second campaign letter sent to each family.

Fifth Week (commitment week)

Sunday– ForwardingFaith Commitment Sunday.
Sermon and/or comments by pastors, pulpit exchange, or other speakers.
Distribute Congregation Gifts Campaign brochure with every bulletin.
Commission Workers (order of service provided).
Gifts solicited from members of the congregation by the method selected

Sixth Week

Sunday– Victory Sunday.
Announce total. Rejoice! Follow-up, send gifts, intents, and reports to the Synod office.

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