The Need

  • Youth ministry and faith formation has always been at the center of our lives as Virginia Lutherans.
  • Time and again, our congregations have expressed their gratitude in being able to partner with the Synod in teaching the Christian faith to their youth, children and adults.
  • The youth and faith formation activities of the Virginia Synod have led many of our members to positions as both lay and rostered leaders in our churches.
  • The Virginia Synod is recognized across the ELCA as having some of the most substantive and impactful youth ministry and faith formation programs across this Church.
  • As a synod that treasures its youth ministry, we desire to be generous supporters of youth ministry across the country through the ELCA’s Always Being Made New campaign.
  • We are grateful for the National Youth Gatherings, the network for youth workers and Synodical Lutheran Youth Organizations, and recognize the need for ongoing resources for youth ministry.
  • As times change and resources become ever more precious, the synods and congregations of this church must do ministry with fewer resources.
  • ForwardingFaith is being launched so that the Virginia Synod will always have resources to invest in our youth, children and adults—and the faith formation of all Lutherans in Virginia will be a hallmark of this synod.

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